Painless Migration

We understand how apprehensive organisations can be to change IT providers.

Your provider is like part of your business, and it feels like making a change may disrupt your operation.


ADC regularly takes over IT support and services for businesses throughout New Zealand and has a proven process to ensure a smooth transition.


Should you choose to move to ADC, our experienced team will request an offboarding document from your existing provider, including site information and key system passwords. On takeover, we will ensure our monitoring systems are in place, that your software licensing is updated (if appropriate) and that your former provider’s access has been removed.


We’ll also have one of our team onsite from day one to assist with support and any queries you may have.


We’re happy to put you in touch with our existing client base so you can ask how their transition to ADC went.


Contact us today if you’d like to discuss moving your IT services to ADC!

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*Our main line is manned 24/7. An on call technician will be accessible through this number.