Internet Security

Tackling malicious threats online can be a minefield and IT security isn’t always a one-stop-shop.

ADC can evaluate your risk and customise Internet Security solutions to protect your precious data.



We’ve all heard of a Firewall, but very few business have an appropriate device to protect their network from threats.


FortiGate next-generation firewalls provide high performance, multi-layered advanced security, and better visibility to protect against cyber-attacks while reducing complexity. FortiGate firewalls are purpose-built with security processers to enable the industry’s best threat protection and performance.

Email Security

Adding a layer of email security is fundamental to cyber security protection. Email is the most common attack vector for ransomware, phishing, malware attacks and more.


SMX Email Security is a New Zealand based service which scans your incoming and outgoing email in the Cloud, before it hits user mailboxes.


Features of SMX include:

  • Detect and block cyber threats with dual filtering and honeypots

  • Automate rules to combat phishing, malware, ransomware and other high-risk email

  • Kill URL based threats before they reach user inboxes

  • Customised blacklists, whitelists and email handling rules


SMX can even archive all incoming and outgoing email in a searchable database – especially useful for retrieving missing emails during customer or employment disputes.


Antivirus has long been the backbone of internet security. Check out ADC’s Managed Antivirus service to find out how to protect your systems from malicious threats.

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